Using High Performance Exhaust Systems

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If you own a high-performance vehicle, installing an exhaust system can be wise. There are some specific parts of the exhaust system that you can change to work better with modified engines. Finding the right combination of parts can significantly impact the engine's performance on the track while remaining legal to drive on the street.

Buying Exhaust Systems

When looking for an exhaust system or parts to put a custom system together, you may want to contact the local speed and performance shop and ask about exhaust systems. Often, a performance shop will have complete tuned systems designed to maximize the power output of the engine in the car while keeping the car quiet enough to be legal on the road.

Some of the more prominent exhaust system manufacturers offer performance systems that they have spent time tunning and tweaking so you can install the parts without having to try and determine what will work best. The systems are often tested on cars run on a dynamometer to test the horsepower output at the rear tires to compare stock exhaust systems to the performance kits to ensure the system is reaching its maximum potential. 

Fit and Installation

The way an exhaust system fits the car is crucial to the installation process. If the system does not fit properly, the installation process can become problematic, leading to modification of the system that could change the way exhaust gases flow through the components. 

Each part in an engineered exhaust system should easily fit the car, starting at the engine and working its way back to the tailpipe where the exhaust leaves the vehicle. Hanger positions, pipe bends, mufflers, and catalytic converters should be correct right out of the box and using parts that are specifically made to fit your year, make, and model vehicle is the best way to ensure that happens.

Installing an exhaust system can be challenging because these cars sit low to the round. The problem can be exaggerated if you have modified the suspension system to perform better on the track. Often the solution is to take the car to a muffler or exhaust repair shop and have them install the system for you. 

The tech will put the car on a lift to easily access the underside of the vehicle and install the parts more easily. The additional access this provides can make it easier to fit everything together and ensure it is tight and will not move around while driving your car, even on track days at the local road track.

For more information, contact services that sell products like Chevy Corvette exhaust systems. 

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