Did You Just Buy A New Truck? 3 Reasons To Ditch The Dealership's Freebie And Pick Up Your Own Ford License Plate Frame

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The acquisition of a new truck is a big moment in your life. Whether you just love the Ford tough look or you need a vehicle to help you haul serious loads, you've finally got the truck of your dreams. After haggling with the dealer, your next step is to start making your truck feel like it is really yours. While the dealer was nice enough to throw on their free plate cover, you may also dislike the feeling of driving around like your truck is one big advertisement. As if that's not reason enough, you can also use these three benefits of choosing a better one to help you get motivated to check out your options for Ford license plate frames that add to the look of your new truck.

Keep the Plate Free of Obstructions

Some dealer's plate covers are designed to be temporary. They may be made cheaply and are meant to fit on a generic range of vehicles. This means that the cover may not leave enough room in the opening to display all of the essential plate information. If the plate numbers are covered, then you could find yourself getting pulled over. Keep in mind that even if you can see everything right now, it is possible for cheaper covers to break or shift out of place. A frame that is meant for your vehicle will help you know that it will stay right where you want it so that your license plate is always legible.

Choose a Sturdier Material

The dealer's plate cover is likely made from materials that will not go the distance. Cheap plastic warps and cracks over time. It can also look cheap. The dealer's cover may also be an unappealing color. Authentic Ford license plate covers can be found in materials such as stainless steel that are meant to stand up to harsh weather conditions and constant wear and tear that they encounter on the road. With a quality frame, you can expect it to last nearly as long as your truck if not longer.

Show Off Your Preferred Style

Ford plate frames have many different options that let you show off some of your personality. Instead of advertising the dealership, consider how much nicer it will be to see the logo of your truck's manufacturer or model shining bright on the frame. You can also choose from more color options. Whether you like black, brushed metal or gold, you can pick a frame that you feel proud displaying as you drive your new truck.

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