Buying The Right Snowplow For Your Truck

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In some parts of the country, snow is so common in the winter that adding a snowplow to the front of your pickup truck is the best way to move the snow out of your driveway. Many times, people with snowplows use them to plow other driveways and parking areas, so picking a plow that is the right size for the work you want it to do is critical. 

Standard Plows

The most common plows in use for residential properties are straight blades that are about seven and a half feet long. The angle of the plow can move from left to right so the operator can force the snow to come off one end of the blow and create the snowbank where they want it. 

The plows are hydraulic and electric and can be angled, lifted, and lowered from inside the truck so the operator stays warm and dry will working with the plow. Any snowplow dealer can show you plows like these and help you choose the right one for the truck you have, and most will offer installation of the plow if you need it. 

Commercial Plows

If you have a one-ton truck and are looking at commercial plows, you can find them in sizes that range from seven and a half feet wide to over nine feet. Many of these plows have added features like wings on the end of the plow to help direct snow where you want it, and large snow foils along the top of the blade to cause the snow to roll over and stay in front of the plow when pushing at higher speeds. 

Sometimes a v-plow is the best option for your truck and if you know how to use it properly, the v-plow can move more snow to a specific area than a straight blade. The v-plow allows the operator to angle each side of the plow separately so that you can scoop or push the snow, let it fall off one side, or plow directly into the snow and let it fall off both sides of the blade at once. 

Maintaining Your Plow

Once you pick out a plow and had the dealer install it for you, it is a good idea to take the plow back to the dealer in the fall and have them service it as well. If you do a complete inspection and service before the snow starts to fall, you stand a better chance of the plow being ready to use on your driveway or on other properties that you may contract to remove the snow from. 

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