Add A Kitchen And Dining Area To Your Van

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Sleeping inside of your van will allow you the freedom to park in a public campground and get a good night's rest, but you still need to worry about how you are going to prepare and serve meals. Sitting on the floor of your van and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a bag of chips may not be too appealing, especially if you have a long day of driving ahead of you and want to be well-fed. If you own a conversion van, purchase some floor plans that will guide you in adding a food preparation and serving area.

Utilize Your Space Wisely

It may seem logical to set up a sink that is alongside a stove, but if your van is on the narrow side or if you are worried about the kitchen and dining area taking up room that you use for resting, maybe a more unique setup will work better for you. Some floor plans cover cooking and food preparation units that extend outward or that can be installed on both sides of the van's interior. If you are going to be doing most of the cooking at a campsite, you may appreciate being able to stand behind your stovetop while enjoying the views around you. 

An extension model will minimize messes since greasy dishes and ingredients will not come into contact with your van's upholstery. If you are more inclined to cook and eat indoors and will be traveling to some remote areas that won't support cooking outdoors, choose plans that describe how to install a cooktop on one side of the van and a sink and a storage area on the opposite side of the van's interior.

This will provide ample room in the middle, which you will need while tending to various parts of the food preparation process. You will need a freshwater reservoir and a propane tank for your new kitchen area. These items can be concealed behind a cabinet or a panel that you choose to install.

Add Seating And Accessories

While you are driving, loose items may rattle around and this can be a hazard, as well as an annoyance. To avoid disruptions, purchase a foldable dinette table and chair and use netting that is suspended from the ceiling to store fresh fruits and vegetables. Purchase a bamboo cutlery set that can be stored inside of a thin case and use wall straps to secure cups, pots, and other cooking gear that you own.

For more ideas, explore camper van floor plans that work with your current vehicle.

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